The Pointe Dance Studio

Welcome to The Pointe


17601 E 40 Hwy, Independence, MO

Help your children develop self-confidence while allowing them to express their creativity by enrolling them in dance classes at The Pointe.  With an extensive background in dance as well as with kids, you can trust that your children will be enjoying themselves while engaging in a beneficial activity! 
Classes are offered at a variety of skill levels so that dancers can get exactly what they need out of their classes.   Highly qualified teachers lead classes which include warm-ups, skill instruction and practice, and application of those skills in fun routines.  They offer students praise and encouragement while helping them develop their skills to become wonderful dancers.
We would love for you to try out a class at The Pointe for free. Call or email for more details!

The current session is now closed for enrollment.

Stop in during our summer enrollment week June 13-16. Summer classes will begin July 11.

"Dance Like No One is Watching."